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Propertycare, LLC

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Propertycare, LLC
Propertycare, LLC
Houston’s #1 Trusted Property Management TeamPropertycare is a leading Houston property management firm that provides exceptional service to both owners and tenants.
(713) 489-7653
9219 Katy Fwy, Ste 270
We manage a multitude of properties in and surrounding Houston. Our skilled, locally-based team knows the area inside-out because we live here and we love it here! We have our finger on the pulse of the city and know the ins and outs of the local real estate market.

How Propertycare Helps Investors
Our property management solutions were created as a result of our desire to help people find financial security in an uncertain world. Our team takes its role very seriously. When you come to Propertycare, we first listen to you to understand your objectives, and challenges. Then we design a custom solution to help you reach your goals and maximize returns.Our services extend far beyond simply finding tenants and collecting rents. We offer the following services and solutions:

Mentoring: We have been working with investment real estate for many years and are happy to share our extensive knowledge with you
Support system: Propertycare supports you by putting you on track to achieve your goals with savvy property management.
Deal finding: As experts in the Houston real estate market, we know where, when, and how to find an excellent deal.
Negotiation: Real estate is highly negotiable. We will work on your behalf to negotiate a favorable purchase.
Evaluation: If you are wondering whether a property is right for you, we will help you decide with analysis, not emotion.
Rehabbing tricks: We know how to make properties look and feel shiny and new without the need to invest excessive capital.
Turnkey solutions: In addition to custom services, Propertycare offers turnkey solutions.

Jerry Ta, Owner
Harris County
Johell Francisco, Waylon Themer, Michael Finkelshteyn, Danny Garcia


Well known by local real estate investors, you’ll find them at networking meetings throughout Houston. If you need property management, you’ll need to look no further.

Joshua Berg | August 8, 2018
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Propertycare, LLC

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