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Preparing your house to sell, final detailing

Preparing Your House to Sell 2: Detailing

    Home Improvement & Remodeling Tips   We’re back with our conversation on getting the property ready to sell. First of all, everything has to sparkle. The people who are going to buy the property know that it is not a new house. They know that other people have lived there before. They just don’t want to see any trace of them, and …

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How to Do Toxic Mold Remediation

    Toxic mold (black mold), Stachybotris Chartarum.   Stachybotris Chartarum – is a greenish black and highly toxic mold.   Mold has seeds called spores. Spores are 1/10th the width of a human hair. Spores are released when the fuzzy molds are disturbed. Mold needs water and cellulose to grow, once they get started, they don’t need much water to continue growing. Mold …

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After the rehab, it is important to prepare your house for the final sale.

Preparing Your House to Sell 1: Final Rehab Details

      Getting your house ready to sell and the final rehab.   So, you’ve successfully negotiated the purchase of a property, plowed through the rehab process, and now you are ready to put it on the market. The foundation has been laid for your success, and the time has come to manifest that intention of success into a reality. The workmen are …

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When to inspect and pay your contractors.

How & When to Pay Your Contractors

      Knowing how and when to pay your contractors is good for them and you.   I get a lot of phone calls from investors every week and I am happy to help whenever I can. Usually it’s a question about how to do something, how to go about doing something, or how something is supposed to look if it’s done correctly. …

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How to manage your house rehab.

How to Make Money on Your Rehab

    How to make money on your rehab.   You can make money or lose money on a rehab. People who make money in real estate take responsibility for managing the rehab. People who do not manage their projects either lose money or do not make as much as they should. Whether it is a buy, rehab and sell scenario or a buy, …

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We buy all kinds of burn houses.

How to Rehab Burn Houses

    Here’s the caution about rehabbing fire jobs.   There is a heavily reinforced brick wall that you need to know about. Not only will it put knots on your head, but it can also fracture your skull if you bang into it hard enough. That wall is fire jobs.   Fire jobs are houses that have been burned out.   Investors get …

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